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Targeted cost per action (TCPA) is a new kind of advertisement system available to web publishers which provides the convenience of Google Adsense along with image and contextual ads for websites. If you are trying or succeeding at making a living off the internet, it is sure that you know the important role of being able to fully monetise their websites.


Until recently, Google AdSense has been the preferred choice of many web publishers. This is probably because of AdSense ease of use, fair and regular payouts and the wide choice of advertisers available in the AdWords system making it easy to match up with a websites content.


Cost per action or CPA marketing has often been either an alternative or a value add with which to fully monetise a website. This advertising system doesn’t contravene Google Adsense Terms of Services (TOS) because it doesn’t compete against their contextual advertising system.


Cost per action advertising simply means what it says. That is, anyone who clicks on one of their ads has to do some kind of action for which the website owner will then receive a payment. Sometimes this action may be one or more actions required in which case the pay out to the web publisher will be higher.


Sometimes the payout to the web publisher (website owner) for only taking one action can be substantial if it is in a competitive industry like insurance or weight loss. These cost per action networks have been quite choosy up until recently about who they accept into their networks and many web publishers have complained that they can’t find a CPA network to accept them.


This is pretty reasonable really when you consider that the CPA network business won’t get paid unless a web publisher entices a visitor to take a required course of action off their website. They are simply trying to pick the websites that they believe could make them some money too.


CPA advertising has worked in tandem with AdSense and has allowed many web publishers to diversify their income stream which is essential in any well-run business. One can never put all their ‘eggs in one basket’ and expect to always have eggs readily available when one can trip over very easily. Particularly when Google has a reputation for suddenly removing any offending website in breach of their TOS without notice.


TCPA is a network of cost per action advertisers that are targeted to your website content and are not in breach of Google AdSense. TCPA advertising gives the web publisher a choice of what they want or don’t want to show on their website. So if I have a website about Nike running shoes then the ads that will show in a similar size as AdSense and ClickBank ads will only be about Nike running shoes. If I choose, I can have a price displayed along with an image and a brief contextual description. The other choice available to a web publisher is being able to integrate them into a website with a wide choice of colours that should suit most web publishers.


So if you are a web publisher and looking for either a new form of monetising a web site, or a way to value-ad to your website, I strongly recommend that this may suit your needs remarkably well.


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