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: New year, domestic air conditioning for the enterprise market this year to judge the overall trend has been created.

Recently, reporters from the domestic


The United States, the Haier leader was informed that this year will face new competition in the market structure changes, which will be the most unique price trend will arise in the “first dive and then climb,” the turbulence-type fluctuations, while the products are also competition from the hot energy-efficient fixed-frequency shift

Inverter air conditioner

. At the same time, competition means tends to be flexible and diversified, in addition to price promotions, services, depth of Competition will be launched.

Than the market leader told reporters, compared with previous years, this year’s air conditioner market


Will start 2 months in advance, especially this year in March, ahead of major companies to set off the market, stimulating new consumer demand, ahead of a price war broke out, air conditioning, and air-conditioning after 3 months of this year prices will experience rebound after the consolidation, by the energy efficiency upgrades,


Cancellation policies, continued to rise.

Price rise soon

Compared with last year, the domestic air conditioner market in the end of this year there will be a price increase of about 10%. An air-conditioned Shopping guide told the reporter that these days the company is preparing the first round this year, prices of air-conditioning issues, has asked for the terminal during the Spring Festival Marketplace Shopping guide officers.

Although the store and


Officers do not want to see the movement of air conditioning prices, but there are indications that this year’s air conditioning prices is inevitable. Earliest by the end of March, the lowest early in May, this time the price movements of air conditioning will be very sensitive to the market at any time will show the prices of mass influx.

Reporter noted that the air conditioning on the market at this stage mainly 1,2-level energy-efficient fixed-frequency-driven, part of the conversion machine. The price of energy-efficient fixed frequency of 300 due to the state finance?? 850 for sale, ranging from subsidies, market price is generally low. Oaks a 1.5 an energy-efficient air-conditioning at a price around 2200 yuan, the lowest of only 1,900. The same time, distribution Bluetooth


10 years repairing, etc. spree.

An air conditioning company executives admitted that if the abolition of state subsidies, air-conditioning terminal prices are inevitable, but will not increase over the previous year according to the amount of state subsidies to upgrade, after all, more than half of enterprises in the adoption of energy-efficient fixed-frequency extension, or have some cost control measures, or should be about 8%.

However, Recently, the global steel market,


, Plastic consumables such as air-conditioning major price increase at a rapid rate, which will further eat the previous profit margin business. An industry told reporters at this stage of air-conditioning business, the means to defuse the pressure of rising costs, in addition to lower product profitability requirements, less likely to sacrifice quality, shoddy and other means, while the application of new materials , but also a process in the short term can provide a cost-benefit smaller.

Oaks Air Conditioning related to the view that, faced with rising costs at this stage to bring the enterprise market competition, the only means to break through is through large-scale manufacturing, continuous rolling technology innovation to respond to the market from a fundamental building and climate change challenges. Following the triple this year in January with the domestic air market turmoil has stirred up a craze after the air-conditioning, by the end of February Oaks earlier false start again, issued a “buy look for an air-conditioned to respond to national policy” and called for a nationwide continue to launch “Buy air conditioning get LCD, get mobile, get services,” such as three-dimensional marketing activities.

Industry observers point out that in order to Oaks 315 contents of the promotional activities, a variety of promotional resources are brought directly to the consumer after purchase 20% of the discount rate. Similarly an energy-efficient air conditioning, Oaks similar product to the market leader in brand benefits than nearly 25% in March this year, no doubt set a new air conditioner market price of the pelvic floor.

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