Beyond Consciousness – Another Winner From Power-seller Steve G. Jones)

8 Spiritual Techniques Every Enlightened Person Must Know… Revealed ByThe People’s Hypnotist, Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D….

FINALLY – A Hidden Path That Unleashes Natural, Spiritual Energies and Subconscious Talents In Ways You Might Think
“Too Good To Be True.”
No More Guesswork, No More Anxieties… Say Hello to Happiness, Satisfaction and Wisdom for All of Life’s Toughest Challenges!

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I know, because I was in
the same position many years ago.

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I wanted to feel in control of my life. I wanted to feel balance again. I wanted stress and endless anxieties to just leave me alone…

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Suddenly, I knew what I had to find: A Pure, Energized State

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Let me share my secrets with you…


  • Identify and conquer limiting beliefs. I knew that something was wrong when I avoided opportunities for growth. I was able to implode sabotaging beliefs that I had through calming meditation which I followed with self-hypnosis.
  • Regain balance and mental equilibrium. Gone were the maddening worries that gnawed at me even when I slept. I became calmer and happier and I was also able to creatively plan my present and future through lucid dreaming.
  • Reconnect with my true love. I became the lover I always wanted to be through the realm of astral sex. Now I was able to share deep pleasure even if my love was miles away. This is really possible!
  • Find solutions to seemingly impossible problems & challenges. This comes after mental equilibrium. If you are confused with what to do, you are not hearing what your subconscious mind wants to say! I listened to what my subconscious mind had to advise me and I was able to conquer my current problems one after the other. It was a truly amazing experience…
  • Enjoy timeless wisdom & special knowledge of life. This one is particularly enjoyable… Why? Because I was able to visit the Akashic Records. What are Akashic Records? I’ll tell you in a moment.

I’m barely scratching the surface
(can you imagine what’s inside?)

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Introducing Beyond Consciousness:
8 Subconscious Techniques
to Change Your Life
By Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

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Let me show you what’s inside Beyond Consciousness:

Module 1: Astral Projection

  • Discover the true meaning of astral projection and how you can use it to overcome your existing limitations in the physical realm… Many people think astral projection doesn’t exist – until they suddenly find themselves in the spiritual realm!
  • Learn how to project your spirit so you can travel the universal planes of existence… Discover more about yourself and your own world by moving beyond the very limited physical dimension.
  • Why wait for a psychic to tell you what lies ahead? You can gain the same wisdom through your astral travels.
  • Find out what you can accomplish when your astral body is finally allowed to do what it does best – travel universal spaces and dimensions! The various realms of existence are there for you to explore at leisure. The question is: when will you visit these realms? Are you ready for the most exciting journey of your life?  
  • What will you see and experience when you project your astral body? I will be showing you the different spiritual realms and dimensions and what to expect when you are the very doorstep of these realms. Having the right knowledge will allow you to make the most of your travels through the astral plane.
  • Learn how to create the perfect astral experience… Some people think that astral travel is frightening, but it’s actually quite enlightening and it can definitely be enjoyable. I will teach you about conscious control as well as the various techniques that can be used to mold the most wonderful astral experiences.  

Module 2: Self Hypnosis

  • Why is hypnosis one of the most celebrated methods of accessing the human subconscious?
  • What happens when hypnosis takes place and why it is not scary at all to use self-hypnosis for self-improvement and personal enlightenment?
  • Discover the four pillars of true hypnosis. Not all ‘hypnosis’ can be used for self-improvement… You have to know how this method actually works before you can use it for a particular purpose. Once you have mastered the foundation of hypnosis, the endless benefits begin streaming in!
  • Uncover the various ways that hypnosis can be used for ground-breaking changes in your life. Millions of people have already benefitted from using hypnosis. Think about it: why else would the world of medicine accept hypnosis as a potent form of psychotherapy?
  • Learn how to use hypnosis to remove challenges that you no longer want in your life, from skin allergies to drug addictions. I will teach you how to unleash the subconscious power that lies within each individual. This creative power and strength can be used to make vital changes in your life that would have otherwise been too difficult without the aid of self-hypnosis.


Module 3: Opening the Third Eye

  • In order to fully unleash the powers that lie just below your conscious mind, you have to open your Third Eye as well. Your Third Eye is both a physical structure (located in your brain) and a spiritual portal that can be accessed anytime as long as you are willing to perform the steps needed to activate and use it.
  • Find out why opening the Third Eye is a significant breakthrough in terms of developing your spiritual self and revealing your true personal capacities.
  • You will learn how the Third Eye has been used for thousands of years to enhance the natural mental and spiritual powers of countless individuals throughout history.
  • Many people have been able to access the powers of their Third Eye but have not realized that they have done so. This is the main reason why the Third Eye is often unmentioned in human history. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not there, silently helping great men and women achieve their life’s biggest desires!
  • I will be revealing in this module the exact steps needed to in order to activate your Third Eye! Your spiritual evolution has just begun…

Module 4: Meditation

  • Meditation is the simplest, easiest and most loved way of accessing and utilizing one’s mental and spiritual energies. As I have mentioned before, each person has a natural reservoir of spiritual energies that is just waiting to be unleashed.
  • Meditation offers front row access to these spiritual energies. And the best thing about meditation? It can be done in a few minutes every single day!
  • Learn how to use meditation to improve your physical well-being and health… And I’m not just talking about relaxation here! Meditation can be used for a variety of health issues including (but not limited to) cardiovascular problems (like high blood pressure) and even chronic pain. Meditation is being used globally to improve the lives of medical patients and ordinary individuals who really want to live their lives to the fullest!
  • Meditation can also be used to improve your ability to make the best decisions in life. Let me show you how a simple, age-old technique can enhance your mental prowess so that you will never be confused as to which path you should take in life.
  • Whether you are dealing with confusing life decisions or a winding career path, meditation can help clear the fog so you can use the ageless wisdom that is being channelled to you directly by the Universe.


Module 5: Visiting the Akashic Records

  • The Akashic Records are the divine repositories of the Universe’s ageless knowledge and wisdom. Every person who has lived and breathed on this Earth is entitled to visit the Akashic Records if one seeks wisdom and enlightenment.
  • Culture, beliefs and religion does not affect a person’s ability to benefit from the Akashic Records… It is the Divine’s own way of connecting with individual souls who are looking for answers to life’s mysteries.
  • I will be revealing to you shortly the three powerful avenues that you can use to access the Akashic Records. You don’t have to be an ascetic/monk in order to access the Akashic Records.
  • We will be using your very own spiritual network and energies to elevate your spirit to this special place in the Universe where your past, present and future can be studied fully.
  • Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE Self-Hypnosis Recording in this module that will make your entry into the Akashic Records easier and more enjoyable!

Module 6: Lucid Dreaming

  • The Dream World is your own personal utopia, a special spiritual dimension that you can fully control with your mind through a special process called lucid dreaming.
  • Lucid dreaming can be performed by anyone who has ever wanted to take full control of their dream experience
  • The best thing about lucid dreaming is you can use it to address issues in your life that are preventing you from achieving your goals and aspirations!
  • Learn how to perform lucid dreaming so that you will progressively master the subtle steps needed in order to become aware in an unconscious state. It is important that you know how to ride the dream experience and not fully wake up while you are attempting to lucidly dream. I will show you exactly how to do this, and more!
  • Discover the patterns of lucid dreaming and map out your own special dream routine. There are specific patterns or windows that you can use when dreaming that will make lucid dreaming much easier.


Module 7: Astral Sex

  • Ready for the best sex of your life? Welcome to the world of astral sex. Astral sex is a pure energy practice that utilizes astral projection and your own spiritual energies to produce vivid, explosive sexual pleasure without direct physical contact. And yes, it can be performed with your partner so it is a real, intimate activity that can be felt at the physical and spiritual levels.
  • Find out how to perform astral sex safely and successfully even if you have never tried this type of activity before. I will show you how to align your chakras and project your astral body that will connect you and your partner every time.
  • Learn the various ways that you can maximize personal pleasure and love with astral sex. This activity alone can help deepen your relationship with another person, and can even help heal a rocky relationship that has lost its luster. Like any other psychic practice, it’s up to you how to actually use this method in your life.
  • Understand how energy-based astral sex works and why people are constantly using it to rejuvenate their sex lives and expand their connections with their partners and spouses.

Module 8: Reading Auras

  • Have you ever wanted to find out the truth and nothing but? Are you tired of having to ‘catch’ people if they are really being honest with you? Reading a person’s aura is the closest you will get to actually peering into a person’s mind to see what he is actually thinking. Each person generates an aura, a field of energy that can be felt, seen and analyzed by anyone who knows how to read auras!
  • In this module, I will teach you the fastest way to read anyone’s aura. So whether it’s your wife, husband, friend, boss or even an interesting (or attractive) stranger you have just met in a party, you can use this newfound skill to dig deep into the other person’s mind to find out what he/she is really thinking. Psychic ability? Try AURIC POWER!
  • Reading auras can also help reveal the moods and even physical states of other people. If you are romantically involved at the moment, the most effective way of strengthening your bond with the other person is by responding to his/her needs… which the auras will show you.
  • What better way to find out ahead of time than by reading his/her aura? Auras can reveal if a person is depressed or physically sick. Auras are expressed by a person’s natural energies so it can’t lie and it cannot hide anything!
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Regular Price – $97 $47 Only $27

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